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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 16, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 9:00. >>vicki: for elderly people in san francisco are being forced from their home. they lived in a building for years, has yet the person who bought the building has told them they need to leave. that person would not comment. however as kron 4 reports that those victimized have plenty to say. six >>reporter: date year-old local cancer patient has called this north beach complex her home for more than 10 years. 71 year-old, has lived in the same building for more than 45 years.
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>> friends with everybody around here. >>reporter: developer who bought the property is now affecting them in all for seniors and four different units have been told to pack and leave. bishop said it's driven by one thing. >> agreed to without a conscience. >>reporter: tenants believe the new owner peter who is also a developer wants to get rid of them so you could resell it for a higher price. whatever the motive, the law in this case is behind the homeowner. under the l this act he convicted tenant and take this to the rental market. many city officials are trying to stop this eviction. they say it's morally wrong to make money by kicking out along cancer patient and a man who could barely walk. >> is one of the most it reaches cases i've seen. >>reporter: borders of the tenants have protested in front of the developer's home. since all the elderly tenants refuse to move the landlord has taken them to
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court. i tried to contact the man who owns the apartment building for comment but no success. the tenants is the landlord did offer some of the money to move out so they would not say how much money was offered. bishop plans to continue to fight infection but she knows her chances of staying are very slim. >> i'm kind of scared about where i'm going to go. >>reporter: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>vicki: oakland police are investigating the fourth murder of the week. this investigation started out as a single car accident report. when the officers arrived, it found a man unconscious. they took the man to the hospital where doctors discovered a gunshot wound. he died a short time later. please do not have suspects at this time. new details about a recent cold case murder investigation authorities say they found 30 rural ridings from suspected serial killer joseph naso which detail the
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torture of a woman who lived upstairs from him. he was on court on thursday but because he is no defense attorney, his arraignment was postponed. he faces four murder charges all related to cases from the 1970's and 1990's in northern california. he lived in the bay area for much of that time. j. r. stone visit in one neighborhood in piedmont where joseph resided for more than a decade. >>j.r. stone: this home is hard to see this evening but that's for joseph naso live for 13 years while his kid crew of. for learning new information about this case. the neighbors told the associated press that a detective told them that naso had notes about torturing their thoughts about the matter are echoed among neighbors that i talked with this week in reno. many of phone did not want to show the face saying that naso often made them feel uncomfortable and
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uneasy. describing him as " creepy old man " tonight i did talk with one of his former neighbors who lives inside this building that your looking anact. he said he didn't trust him and any time he would come around looking for money he would give it to run because he didn't want to be on his bad side. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>vicki: our coverage of the story continues on line on the website we've posted the latest documents invidious connected to the joseph naso case. that's >>brian: low clouds this morning but it to clear out thitoday. it felt a little muddy up there today. the 75 antioch, loaded mid- 70s in napa and fairfield, 76 santa rosa and the airport with up to 79 degrees this afternoon. 70
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san jose, mid-60's for san francisco and oakland were the fog was hanging on to much of the afternoon. tonight low clouds moving back into the bay and inland as well. temperatures because of the elevated humidity, will be a little bit milder in the low to mid '50's most lots. but dropping into the mid to upper the '40's for santa rosa and now up. if there is a storm system for north for tonights producing rain around you recap. the system for now is stay north of the bay area and will slowly slide to the south between now and monday. we will increase clouds for tomorrow and bring in the chance for rain starting in the north bay tomorrow night to. of course looking at rain for the entire bay area as we go into the monday morning commute. i would like to know more about that coming up. >>vicki: deadly storms of claimed 21 lives in today's ravaging their way for the south. the reports of 100 possible tornado touched
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down on the cause of severe damage and destruction. as alabama and mississippi and oklahoma have declared states of emergencies. >>reporter: wow! the spectator got a surprise when he saw a tranc transborder blow. the storms which originative in arkansas and oklahoma move through the southeast killing at least 17 people in the last two days. the fast-moving systems on more than 100 reported tornadoes. oklahoma, alabama and mississippi have issued state of emergency law cruise in alabama, georgia and mississippi work to assess the damage. this alabama woman recounts what happened. >> was very scary, we got in the hallway and i could hear, i don't know what. it we crackling. it scared me. >>reporter: storm system
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could continue to be a threat as a move north into the carolinas and virginia on saturday. further south many residents are left to do with little more than wreckage and trying to pick up the pieces. >> has was there and all my belongings are over here in devastation. >>reporter: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>vicki: playoff hockey has begun, the san jose sharks are down 4-0 against the l.a. kings. the sharks won the first game of this area's early this week. the giants on a straight winning their fourth in a row tonight. they came back in the late inning to take the lead and hold on against the arizona diamondbacks. barry did leave the game with a minor foot spring. the oakland a's trying for their first win against the detroit tigers this year. there party got to winds, in the fourth inning they took advantage of an error to
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knocked in three runs. from there the a's will maintain the lead in 16-1. still ahead, and democrats plan to use the republicans' budget proposal as campaign fuel. u.s. lawmakers set term limits. this weekend you could see awesome global action here in the bay area. introducing the thunderbolt by htc.
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>> if it's advertised that you can take part later, i think the demeanor and the demand would be greater than the morning. this is just in the proposal state it will discuss this in april, then it will take public input and approval in june and the first trains with extended hours would run some time in september. in san francisco, dan kron 4 news. >>vicki: notice more car
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break-ins in san francisco neighborhoods. coming up with sen stanley roberts to the south of market to find a wife. >>brian: of rain pulling to the north of the bay area for tonight, crescent city and your recap and the rain is pushing to the south and our direction for tomorrow. if i will talk more about that coming up. >>vicki: don't miss our exclusive coverage of the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers on sunday may 15th. if you up cameras all along the course capturing all the fun plus were doing something a little different this year that's never been done to bring you the best coverage of the race. he won't want to miss a minute of the sold-out event to a bay area tradition. if the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers sunday morning may 15th to starting at 8:00 a.m. on kron 4.
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>>vicki: the president will be in the bay area friday to participate in a town hall form with facebook. had the balance the budget? president issued his plan last week on friday republicans countered with
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theirs. it has almost no chance to pass and democrats plan to use it as a rallying point against republicans. >> you didn't even have to go inside the capitol to know what the day's political battle lines were drawn. and >> off my medicare. >>reporter: democrats listed seniors to help rebel against the budget. >> out to destroy social security, medicare and medicaid. there's time to draw a line and fight. >>reporter: the budget calls for tolerance of dollars in spending cuts and deficit reduction in part by overhauling medicare, grading and the system more seniors by their own subsidized private insurance. >> the biggest threat to medicare is the status quo. medicaid it was bankrupt in nine years. >> let the 40 million seniors be in charge of the
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medicare program and more importantly we save medicare, prevent bankruptcy and what does the other side do? they sit by and watch the program go bankrupt. >>reporter: every single democrat voted no. the the republican budget brakes, a promise that this country is made to seniors. it will be able to depend on medicare to protect them in retirement. >>reporter: gop plan it out explicitly says now 155 for older would be affected. skilled democrats are practically giddy about the politics of this calling it a defining vote. they already written tv ads to run against vulnerable and republicans. >> he is web ads, television, radio and remind the american people that today they've voted to terminate medicare with all the tools in the toolbox. >>reporter: any trepidation against voting about against this republican budget, his
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pennsylvania district had a big senior population and seniors vote. he already has multiple events scheduled back home to beat that democratic charge. >> on them if they're going to turn it into that debate. instead of seizing the opportunity to make this better the next generation. >>reporter: obvious another gop freshmen bracing for democratic onslaught for voting yes. >> you have to keep in mind they really put nothing out there to help save medicare. that's what paul ryan budget is doing. >>reporter: cities now likely knows he's going have to defend this home more than heather in the next year-and-a-half. other republicans in a district told us the same. it's worth knowing how many republicans are willing to fight this fight. only four house republicans voted against this gop budget. >>brian: here is a shot from the oakland hills today is
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looking out towards the san francisco paying you can see the fog hugging the golden gate at the coast. the time of year where we see the persistent see fog at the ocean and it pushes into the bay overnight and that's forgetting tonight. here's a live view of san francisco, there's the moon shining i did notice the buildings in downtown obscured by the low clouds this evening. temperatures are mild in some places especially inland. antioch 66, 60 napa, 60 pleasanton, 54 rebounds san francisco. tomorrow we're going to see changes in the whether we have a weather system that is to the north and that will begin pushing to the south. latinas, sunbreaks of sunshine but we will call it mostly cloudy, with lows in the upper '40's and low 50s with lots of low clouds. if the low clouds slowly begin
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to clear but then we will see increasing high clouds from the weather system for the afternoon. winds will kick up about 20 or 30 mi. per hour. a chance for a few sprinkles into the north bay for tomorrow afternoon. the best chance of rain is coming for the evening tomorrow night. there are the low clouds and it begins to push inland into the bay, by tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. to it mostly cloudy start to the day, through the afternoon here come the high clouds from the weather system from the north. the stage for degree most of us through much of the day. by the evening 8:00 p.m., a few blips of green show in that light grain to the north of santa rosa that will slow the push of for tomorrow night. bringing the chance of rain for everybody into monday morning temperatures tomorrow will cooler because of the cloud cover. the mid to upper 60s for the north bay, still '50s coesite, mostly cloudy
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and patches of blue sky for oakland in castro valley. the inland spots into the low seventies was just barely 71 for pittsburgh, pleasanton and livermore a high of 70 degrees. the south bay clouds and a little bit of sunshine greetings making it into the upper 60s for santa clara to san jose as well as los gatos. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, a chance for rain on monday about a quarter of an inch is expected in the what is locations. cooler temperatures tuesday, mostly sunny. another round of light rain on wednesday and chilly temperatures and getting warmer toward the end of the week. hot >>vicki: earthquake compared this month is april. to raise money to help people prepare for a disaster the red cross is on the town tonight it is the annual red cross gala at union square. hundreds of people partying
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>> now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly. >>stanley: looking at pieces of broken glass, and the only visible sign that someone's car was broken into not hard to spot the tell tale signs on the sidewalk. have received numerous e-mail's from those live in san francisco. if they say they've had their cars broken into numerous times and wondered what is going on? so i headed off to south of
9:27 pm
market to see if i could get answers. i could in a call to the san francisco police the curtain. it turns out the san francisco police focus our attention towards violent crime for a while that is why there was 2963 reported operate in so far this year carry it up from 2247 from the same time last year. a 21% increase. although police say they're beginning to see a decrease in break-ins from the last ads were released. police say you to make a big difference by not leaving things like that gps invisible for everyone to see it. they also say any visible wires may be an indication to crooks that you may have and i pod or cellphone still in the car. san francisco police say they are redirecting the officers to problem areas to combat while the break- ins. if one of the hot spots? south of market the very same area where viewers have been hit hard as. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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barry denys deepened tax filing, we will give you last-minute tax tips to get you to the finish line. friends and family of the giants and the net it giants came come together to help pay for his hospital bills. + we will show you the news description of his attackers. it we will take you to the international robot games going on right now.
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>>vicki: tonight right and remains in a medically induced coma though doctors have now stopped giving him the medication that keeps in a coma. not sure if he would wake up. right now the monitoring this situation while ryan has been an a, his friends and fellow giants fans have raise several hundred thousand dollars to help with medical expenses. tonight another bay area businesses helping the cause. it will donate 25 percent of proceeds from lunch and host at an auction
9:31 pm
tonight. the restaurant's owner said helping out is the right thing to do. >> he was very moved by what happened to bryant, he wanted to contribute to the try and find. he would like to present $10,000, he would like to do this at the game at home plate. >>vicki: lapd continues to search for the two men who attacked him. a friday investigators released more detailed descriptions of the suspects. they were initially described as hispanic men between ages of 8925, now the first suspect is described as a bald hispanic man aged 20 to 25 between 5 ft. 6 in. and 5 to 10 in., 107 lbs. with a mustache and goatee and wearing a dodger pitchers, dark shorts and a blue l.a. dodgers had. with a mole on his left cheek. the second suspect, white or hispanic man with short hair and hazel eyes about 6 ft. 1 in. and was wearing dark
9:32 pm
clothing possibly jeans and a black tank top. the suspect may have tattoos on one or more of his shoulders. thousands work together to clean up neighborhoods around the bay area. almost one week ahead of schedule. nicole shows what volunteers are doing help out. >>reporter: nearly 250 volunteers clean up the streets of the market in san francisco. the beautiful ridinthese volunteers are working with the department of public works across the bay in oakland nearly 4000 volunteers work to clean parks, public areas and schools in dozens of neighborhoods. at diamond park, they rallied a volunteers of all ages to revamp the landscape removing excess brush. the restoration project that's been going on for years. >> people want to come out and help unify their parks. what really brings it home
9:33 pm
is it the results, you're able to see what several years of hard work does. it brings a lot more light, more species, more singing birds even trout in our creek that have come back once we cleaned up the rubbish, the cement and the extra garbage. >>reporter: many efforts will continue through the weekend into next week's earth day celebrations. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>vicki: habitat for humanity kicked off its 20 eleven earth they build the font. the sustainable homes, nearly 200 volunteers began framing in building seven town homes for low-income families. this is day one of four were volunteers will be working with the families will eventually live in these three-bedroom homes. their bill with green materials and paint and all have sustainable features like solar panels. >> showcases but we do. a very few people build affordable housing with green technology, and we have been doing this since
9:34 pm
2000. before green was sexy we have been building grain. it's the right thing to do. : >>vicki: tears are working to raise $100,000. >>brian: a live view of san francisco tonight and if you look up into the buildings there you can see the fog beginning to crawl in over downtown. that's a problem ticket all the way into the inland valleys for tonight. by tomorrow morning we have a mostly cloudy start. earlier today, recording high clouds above the low clouds. this is in advance of a weather system that's coming our way tomorrow. no rain in the forecast for sunday, but there is framed for sunday night into monday morning. tonight low clouds moving inland, tomorrow mostly cloudy start of the day with breaks of sunshine especially in mid to late morning. it then we will see clouds increase once again. these will be the high clouds from the weather system. even the chance for sprinkles for the north bay
9:35 pm
with more significant rain now arriving late sunday night into monday morning. a fairly rainy day for monday be but a quarter inch turning mostly sunny by tuesday but already another system arriving for wednesday with more wet weather and cooler temperatures. i will have more details on the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay coming up. >>vicki: if you have been filed your taxes yet, don't worry about it you still have a few more days. this year, the deadline is monday at midnight. there is still time for these your filing. karen rounds of last minute tax tips the >>reporter: tax man cometh a little later this year which means more time to wrap up of return or to procrastinate. a turbo tax survey found that more than a quarter of americans waited until the final two weeks to 4 the deadline to file taxes last year. whether you haven't before the deadline or started to return consider each child. if your income is less than
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balloon over time. kate what you can then work out a plan with the irs to take care of the rest. in washington, karen kron 4 news. >>vicki: an old idea has been kicked around again. coming up there talking about term limits in washington will show you what the notion is catching on. what to wear for the royal wedding? we have the fashion do and don't. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>>reporter: president truman reportedly once and congressional term limits would " help cure senility and seniority both terrible legislative diseases. this week 11 senators members of the tea party caucus introduced an amendment to the constitution that would limit u.s. representatives to three terms in office and senators to two terms. this in washington has become too reliant on special interest and not holding to the
9:41 pm
people that hold them.i liked t >> incumbents are reelected it again and again according to the center for responsive politics. for the 90 percent of house representatives and 80 percent of senators are routinely sent back to washington. but those working for the conservative american enterprise constitute fiercely opposes term limits, they say they are necessary of voters want a career politicians out of office and replace them with citizen representatives they can and they don't need a constitutional amendment. take a look at the last election which what new faces into washington, a wave of incumbency. three new lease senators have never held elective office.
9:42 pm
who says experience matters in washington. >> you could end up repeating the mistakes of the past because you don't know them. if or learning from what you've done in the past and try to make adjustments so that policies might work this next time. institutional memory and an understanding of what you've done before is the necessary contacts if you're going to keep from reinventing the we will and making it a square one every time. change >>vicki: in the u.s. constitution is uneasy would require a two-thirds majority vote in congress and that it would have to be ratified by three-fourths of the state. simply stumped about what to wear for william and kate's wedding? free no more. we will >> with the fashion experts say about proper attire for the royal wedding. >>brian: on looking for to that. at the most looking for to cloudy weather for tomorrow. a storm on the way. after today we had beautiful temperatures a look cooler for sunday. i will have a forecast coming up.
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>>vicki: less than two weeks before prince william and kate middleton become husband and wife. hundreds of people will be in attendance. some may be wondering what to wear to a royal wedding? rod shows us what fashions are not only proper a popular. >>reporter: it will have all the pomp and circumstance that the wedding at westminster demands. it will also be a cat walk of royal proportions. i enlisted the help of celebrity stylist to get we were really ready. >> the wedding of the decade, steeped in history it has a whole world looking at it. it's unfortunate that we remember what's it attached to been invited to such an event. >>reporter: being a british event, first top hats. were
9:47 pm
going to get the structure and simplicity. i adore of the shape and color. for me break colored works beautifully well in the sunlight. but we have no guarantees. so exciting. >>reporter: next, finding the dress. we scoured the racks and i try on different looks to find that perfect one. their rules. >> no strapless dress upon arrival, keep the arms covered, keeping it all very formal, she could, elegant and sophisticated. formality and the length of that is perfect. you don't want to be too exposed. we need to
9:48 pm
keep the sheik, allocated, sophisticated in super. wow! it is perfect as ticket because you of all this lovely detailed in and it's so sophisticated. if >>reporter: it's the small details to come into play as we put the final look together in style at the dorchester hotel in london. if >> this one might hang over the arm actually. i think it's amazing. (music) i don't think i would be this, if i was actually going. the >> over the arm on arrival. >> where is my horse drawn
9:49 pm
carriage? >> >>brian: here we are in the oakland hills looking down towards the port of oakland in san francisco in the background. off look at the low clouds in is at the ocean, it's april and were getting the fog back at the coast. at night and moves into the inland valleys, if you look there you will see the fog it's beginning to move it into the city coming into the bay and eventually inland tonight. if temperatures currently in the '50s and '60s as well. still pretty mild inland where we made it up into the '70s. if walnut creek 62 , sunnyvale 60. here is the satellite and we have a weather system to the north for tonight this system is going to push itself down tomorrow. after all the clouds in the morning, were going to begin to see high clouds for the
9:50 pm
afternoon as this weather system makes its way to the south. it's going to be mostly cloudy for sun. although some breaks of sunshine in patches of blue sky. a fair amount of sadness. rain starts up tomorrow night and it will begin in the north bay and push south through the entire bay area by monday morning. if it looks like a toy to be pretty wet for the morning to you monday. future cast radar, looking at clouds and rain. the fog is at the coast pushing inland into the bay all the way out for a livermore and concord and antioch. grace has for the beginning of the day, watch the high clouds began to stream in for the afternoon fish, pretty grave through much of the day sunday. by 7 to 8:00 a.m. a little green shows up north of santa rosa is a the first rain bands from the with a system that would bring in some rainy weather for overnight sunday night and monday morning. showers will continue to much of the day
9:51 pm
monday. perhaps a quarter of an inch of rain. temperatures tonight milder in the low to mid 50's. highs tomorrow couple degrees cooler because of the increased cloud cover. get into the low seventies for the state valleys. the 7 day, rain drops monday. not a huge storm by any means, could be tricky of there on the roads as we will have to use the weicker's. tuesday mostly sunny and another weather system comes in for wednesday. this will be cool with a chance for a light rain and then warming up just a little bit towards the end of the week. >>vicki: here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>henry: >>stanley: apparently berkeley was on the cutting edge, in 1995 berkeley past
9:52 pm
first sit and lye ordnance. however the seal you fought and won an injunction so was removed from the books in 1997. if now there's talk of trying it again. will the court? >> it's not like san francisco, it's different in berkeley people are different. they're going to said. >>stanley: one person caught people sitting in line in berkeley. that was set free he's running for mayor of berkeley. police it is a way to demonize homeless, most business owners i spoke to say different. most of not all business owners welcome sit and lye. they hope will cut down on violence and increased business in the area. they hope it will prevent what this man is doing. caressing diners inside the restaurant. i tried to talk to a few of the people who sit and lye would target like these two guys napa and out. melton
9:53 pm
said he was too stoned to talk seven that had a sign that read it will work for reliable vehicle. hey, aren't we all? for now sit and lye is just a proposal. we'll see if it happens in berkeley again. in berkeley, stanley roberts kron 4 news. robot >>vicki: turn dating the bay area. robots from all over the world their dancing, singing and battling to the death. it will take you to the international robot games coming up next.
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>>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: one of the largest robot competitions in the u.s. hundreds of engineers and engineering students have come around the world to show off and compete with robots they built from scratch. if there are over 70 events everything from
9:57 pm
dancing, escorting games like soccer, crotty he named it as a robot competition for it. some robots may have a happy face but don't let that fool you most of the robots are here to fight and kill other robots. there's nothing better than watching to robots fight to the death. this custom built every now the robots fight and weighs over 100,000 lbs.. the arena is built of steel bars and bulletproof glass of the spectators don't get injured. it's not over some violence on robots here settle their differences through dance off. old school style. in san mateo, gabe slate kron 4 news carried >>vicki: international robot games runs through tomorrow at the san mateo expo center from 12 to 7:00 p.m. tickets are $15 to $25 depending on your age. i guess it's something to do especially if it's going to be drizzly tomorrow. >>brian: i hope none of the robots get hurt.
9:58 pm
>>vicki: know, what to they bleed? oil? >>brian: i guess. a fairly cloudy day for sunday, >>vicki: that will wrap it up for us, we hope to see you at 11:00. good night everybody. introducing the thunderbolt by htc. immense power. scorching speed. the first phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america. [ woman ] this icelandic mud was working wonders on my skin.
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